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Founded by Patrick Rooney, Main Street Trading began in November of 2015 as a weekly newsletter titled "The Corner of Main St and Wall St," which was being sent to his friends and family. This started out with less than 20 subscribers, and he had no intentions of scaling; however, after a month, the subscriber list began to grow. By January 2016, the newsletter had over 2,500 ambitious investors actively taking advantage of the trade ideas and education. And the rest is history...

Education is the priority of Main Street Trading. A number of its competitors offer education for an unbearable cost, especially for the everyday college student. So, the Contributing Analyst Program was created: this program offers aspiring analysts education, exposure, and mentorship needed to succeed in the complex world of finance. 

In March 2016, Patrick brought on a business partner, Stephen Oh, to be Head of Business Development. One reason why the Contributing Analyst Program has been so successful is that the mentorship and education comes directly from Stephen and Patrick. 

"Since day one, the team and I have focused on improving the education program, and it's truly incredible to see how effective it's become. And it's inspiring to see how far our traders and analysts have come in such a short time. The investing and trading materials that we offer are important life skills that anyone can use for the rest of their life."    

-Stephen S. Oh, Head of Business Development.

On top of the Contributing Analyst Program is the Trader Funding Program. Main Street Trading has had a variety of partnerships allowing them to fund aspiring traders with live, real money trading accounts. Currently, the funding program allows traders to trade a demo, play money foreign currency account. Upon completion of this, Main Street Trading's risk managers will review the account based on a variety of metrics and parameters and will then decide whether to fund the trader with a live trading account. The traders are guided directly by Patrick, who is currently an Options Strategist for a top tier hedge fund in New York. The education provided is not taught in school. Strict discipline as well as the urge to become successful is necessary for our program.


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E-Book Available Now! $2.99

E-Book Available Now! $2.99